Sunny’s Kids Sunday School

Our Youth curriculum focuses on equipping and training our young people for adulthood and ministry. Each class is one step in what will become a lifelong journey.

Beginners (2-3 year olds):

During Christian Education, the children in this age group play, read simple Christian oriented stories, and participate in easy art projects to help them have fun and to give them a very basic understanding of biblical figures and Christian values.

Pre-K to 4th grade:

Education at this level is focused on the stories found in the lectionary readings of the main Sunday worship services and uses creative tools such as music, drama, art, games, and other activities to make the stories and themes found in these readings accessible and relevant. This allows opportunity for Sunday School children and their families to share together in readings common to everyone on any given Sunday.

Fifth Grade:

The focus at this level is to begin providing these children with insight and hands-on opportunities to explore functional practices and forms of worship in the Episcopal Church. They learn about the church’s tenets, traditions, liturgy, and customs to make them informed participants in the Church’s worship.

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