Today (January 6th) is the Feast of the Epiphany, which celebrates the arrival of Wise Men from the East, who came seeking the Christ child and who made gift offerings to him. Have a happy and blessed Epiphany! ...

Do a random act of kindness today and everyday! ...

Happy New Year to all! All are welcome at St. Matthew’s. ...

AdventWord Meditation.
December 25

Emmanuel—God is with us. Really? Is this true?

During these last few years political uprisings, poverty, harsh climate change, COVID-19, and endless hate crimes have taken a toll on almost everyone.

Nonetheless, God is with us. And we as Christians can reassure the rest of the world of this in one simple way: In our actions.

We may be called to act in different ways, but for me, I will wave the pride flag in support of the LGBT community and stand against gun violence, unapologetically proclaim Black Lives Matter, raise awareness of the refugee crisis, and water the sunflowers of Ukraine.

So, yes, Emmanuel-God is with us. And he always will be.

Minda Cox is a lifelong Episcopalian who loves God, writing, chocolate, and teaching watercolor painting.

AdventWord Meditation.
December 24

Talking about the #birth of my children, I mostly shared “positive” feelings—hope, excitement, anticipation, joy. Only with close friends and family did I share my fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. In this week’s gospel, we see Joseph wrestle with these same feelings. With only the comfort of an angel’s promise and faith in an unseen God, Joseph answers the call to become Christ’s foster father. Joseph and Mary will celebrate birth at the foot of the manger soon, but for now we wait with them in disquiet. Are we prepared for Christ’s arrival? What do we fear?

Lindsay Barrett-Adler serves as development associate at Forward Movement and delights in sharing the story of its mission and impact, made possible by generous donors. In her free time, Lindsay is an often-disappointed Philadelphia sports fan, curious chef, and mom of three, always in need of more coffee.


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