Youth Programs

Youth Group – Jr & Sr High
Sundays; 6:00-8:00 PM

“Turn Around”

The main purpose of weekly Turn Around meetings is teaching and learning, but that doesn’t have to be boring!  Games, ice-breaker activities, and songs will be included. Lessons will center on the theme of the year—Redemption Story, where we’ll explore the story of God’s work of redeeming the world, how that intersects with our stories, and how we can join in God’s work.

Jr & Sr High Schoolers meet together for dinner, then break into separate groups for lessons & small groups.  About once a month, they worship together in special youth services, designed for youth & led by youth.

There are many other large and small group events associated with this program.  Sign up for email updates for info!

Sunday School – Grades 6-12
Sunday mornings; 9:30-10:15 AM

“Journey to Adulthood” is the Sunday School curriculum, which focuses on equipping and training young people for adulthood and ministry.  Teams of teachers act as guides on the journey to spiritual maturity.  Each class is one step in that lifelong journey.  2016-2017 Breakdown:

Rite 13 (6th-7th)

Builds community.  Focuses on Rite 13 Liturgy, which is both a commitment ceremony and a rite of passage to adulthood.

J2A (8th-9th)

Teaches skills for adulthood by applying the Bible to life and delving deeper into basic Bible knowledge. Culminates with a Pilgrimage in preparation for Confirmation in YAC class.

YAC (10th-12th)

Prepares older teens for Confirmation and leadership in the church body and for the world ahead by focusing on theology and tough questions.

Bible Study
Grades 9-12
Wednesday evenings; 6:30-8:00 PM


For those youth in High School who desire to learn the Bible on a more in-depth and personal level, a weekly Bible study is offered in a small group setting.  The purpose of this time is mainly for teaching and learning, but at a more intense and deeper level than the regular Youth Group program and in the context of a smaller, closer-knit group.  This follows the theme of living into true Christian community.

Other Opportunities to Serve

Ministry Team—is a group of committed adults and youth who do the hands-on youth work of relational ministry.  This group attends essentially every youth group meeting and event.  They are more than crowd-control or an extra pairs of hands; they are listening ears and loving hearts to the needs of the youth, especially in the small group setting.

YST—(Youth Support Team) is solely an advisory body to the youth minister consisting of persons interested & committed to youth.  They meet regularly to discuss organizational matters.

Task FORCE—There are behind-the-scenes jobs that need to be done to keep the Youth Ministry running, so we have an army of adult volunteers.  We always need cooks, drivers, etc.!

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