Sally Ulrey

Sally is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Toccoa Falls College, where she majored in Christian Education with a concentration in Youth Ministry and minored in Counseling Psychology.  While at Toccoa Falls College, she won awards for teaching and lesson planning, and for her philosophy of Christian Education.  She gained professional experience in Christian camping and logged many hours as a volunteer youth worker before coming to work at St. Matthew’s in 2003.  Sally has also been a trainer at various Youth Ministry-related events in the Diocese of Atlanta and the Diocese of Florida, as well as having served on several Diocesan youth committees and as the Lay Director for Happening in the Diocese of Atlanta.

Sally and her husband, Nathan (also a graduate of TFC), have been married since 2002, and welcomed a son in 2013, named Remnant (Remy, for short), after the Remnant people of God in the Bible, those who remained faithful to God. They welcomed a daughter in 2015, named Jubilee, after the biblical idea of the year of Jubilee, when everyone was given a fresh start, as we all are in Christ, cause for joyful celebration.


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